Daily Practice

It is not always easy to find the time to paint or sketch on a daily basis.  Spending just a short amount of time is valuable to growing as an artist.  Stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things.  

For the last month, I have tried to do just that, PRACITCE!  Starting out each day with a sketch or two.  Using pencil, charcoal and just recently, graphite sticks.  Charcoal is definitely not a favorite medium of mine, it seems to travel everywhere, even onto me!  My husband thought it was a new shade of make up I was using.

My graphite sticks were hidden away for some time.  Pulling out old or trying new supplies can lead us into different directions with our work.  

The process was not always as successful as I had hoped.  There was frustration and some things ended up in the trash bin.  But, learning from my mistakes, knowing what works and does not work is very crucial in the development of any art form. 

Drawing is everything, the basis of all art.  Daily practice creates proficiency, and freedom to explore.